What is the Waterlily Skin Collection?

The Waterlily Collection is our flagship collection, making use of aromatherapy, botanical concentrates and omega-rich plants to formulate the dreamiest professional collection of botanical skincare imaginable.

Three travel size Waterlily products sitting on a stone, with a collection of daisies next to them.

The Waterlily Hydration Essentials Collection

Each product is lovingly hand-crafted at our Botanical Laboratory in Brisbane, informed by founder Michelle Reeve’s slow skincare philosophy – a philosophy of pure ingredients and fresh-batched beauty!


What is a cleanser?

A woman holding Waterlily's Milk Cleanser in front of a white wall.

Waterlily Milk Cleanser

Cleansers are used to recondition the skin, lock in hydration and maintain the skin’s natural pH levels. At the same time, a cleanser should also remove any makeup, grime or environmental pollutants that have built up on the surface of the skin over the course of the day.

Milk Cleanser
For a gentle and hydrating cleanser, look no further than our Milk Cleanser. A nourishing blend of jojoba, rose geranium, lemon and green tea, this cleanser will bring life back to even the most stripped surfaces. This makes it ideal for clients with dry skin that requires daily rejuvenation.

Lime Cleanser
Our Lime Cleanser is a sulphate-free cleanser consisting of coconut, grapefruit, lime, cucumber, cedarwood and more. This makes it a multitasking powerhouse, cleansing the skin, invigorating it with antioxidants, and protecting it all at the same time. Safe for sensitive skin, clients will love the fresh aroma and the bright start it provides to their mornings.

Waterlily's Rose Mist sitting on top of a stack of books, with a vase.

Waterlily Rose Mist


What is a mist?

Sometimes, all your skin needs is a quick pick-me-up. Providing a quick burst of hydration, mists can also help to soothe irritated skin or simply provide a general glow to the skin.

Rose Mist
Our Rose Mist is an aqueous botanical infusion that drenches your skin with precious rose, geranium and rosewood oils, as well as cucumber, aloe vera and grapefruit extracts. Clients that are prone to dryness or that often travel by plane will adore this product for its soothing and revitalising properties.


What is an exfoliant?

An exfoliant works to slough away dead skin and impurities while also encouraging the skin to replenish itself. The end result is a brighter and healthier complexion that’s also better able to absorb other skincare products – what a win!

Smoothing Crème
Our Smoothing Crème blends walnut and kiwifruit to refine, tone and brighten the complexion. Grapefruit, green tea and lemon peel further help to clear up the skin, while the inclusion of jojoba, apricot and vitamin E oils makes sure that the skin isn’t completely stripped. The Smoothing Crème is ideally suited to clients who are already familiar with exfoliation.

Fruit Gommage
Superfood for the skin, our Fruit Gommage is a delicious blend of crushed hibiscus flower, kiwi, raspberry, apple and pink clay. This makes for a deeply nourishing and delightfully brightening crème that also provides some gentle exfoliation when washed off. If your client is new to the world of exfoliating, our Fruit Gommage is a perfect entry point.


What is a masque?

Every now and then, the skin requires a concentrated treatment. This is where masques come into the picture, featuring a potent blend of ingredients that are applied to the skin for a short period of time before being rinsed off.

Fruit Gommage
Here we see our Fruit Gommage come to the rescue yet again – to use it as a masque, simply leave it on the skin for 10 minutes before washing it off to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion.

Blemish Free
Acne-prone skin will love our Blemish Free botanical treatment – a powerhouse of antibacterial ingredients that crush acne, combat redness and soothe inflammation. As well as treating spots, our Blemish Free treatment also activates the skin’s natural healing process, leading to healthier skin in the long run. Rather than applying to the entire face, this treatment should be applied directly to blemishes using a cotton bud.

Waterlily's Rebalance Serum on a white silk sheet.

Waterlily Rebalance Serum


What is a serum?

Serums contain a concentrated amount of active ingredients, delivering an intense dose of nutrition to the skin thanks to its smaller molecules.

Renewal Serum
Ageing skin will eagerly soak up our Renewal Serum, consisting of 16 precious oils that are packed with phytonutrients, anti-ageing vitamins and omega antioxidants. Clients with fine line, wrinkle and texture complaints will find that this serum offers a youthful luminosity as well as proactive regeneration.

Rebalance Serum
Our Rebalance Serum is a sebum-balancing blend of sea buckthorn, pumpkin seed, carrot and anti-ageing vitamin complexes – a powerful concoction that breaks down oil, balances sebum and repairs scar damage. If your clients are struggling to balance their sebum without stripping their skin of moisture, this serum will do the trick.

Refining Serum
Our Refining Serum is a hardworking exfoliating serum, targeting pigmentation, uneven skin tone, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles through its blend of enzymes, acids and melanin-inhibiting botanicals. Rough, dry skin will come out renewed, refined and radiant once this serum has had a chance to work its magic.

“Waterlily’s luxurious rituals are steeped in active botanicals and Aromatherapy for the ultimate sensory Spa Journey entwining relaxation with rejuvenation.”


Waterlily's Moisture Balance on a slab of stone with a couple of white roses.

Waterlily Moisture Balance

What is a moisturiser?

Moisturisers are an essential ingredient for healthy skin, replenishing hydration, locking moisture into the skin and preventing environmental damage. Oily skin should be enriched with a lightweight moisturiser.

Papaya Infusion
Our Papaya Infusion moisturiser is an oil-free product that locks in hydration without weighing down the skin. The hydrating blend of passionflower, olive leaf, comfrey, papaya, aloe, apple and pro-vitamin B5 quenches thirsty skin while rebalancing oil and soothing irritation.

Moisture Balance
Problematic skin types will soak up our sheer Moisture Balance moisturiser, which is infused with healing echinacea, olive leaf, ginseng, goji berries and anti-ageing vitamins. Oiliness is also effectively combated thanks to the use of jasmine, argan and ylang ylang extracts, resulting in a flawless matte complexion.

Skin Boost
To bring life back to a client’s skin, look no further than our antioxidant-rich Skin Boost. Bursting with pomegranate, white tea, fig, cranberry and vitamins A, E and B5, Skin Boost repairs signs of ageing, photodamage and dehydration.

More parched skin may require a richer and thicker moisturiser.

Peptide Perfect
This indulgent crème is enriched with mango seed, cocoa, liquorice, passionfruit and marshmallow, making for a truly skin-loving butter. Peptide Perfect also works to protect the skin and manage signs of premature ageing through its rich omega, peptide and vitamin formulation. Clients with parched, weary skin will find this to be a particularly invigorating solution.

Omega Crème
Omega Crème is a saviour for damaged skin, with its creamy blend of cold-pressed omega seed oils, calendula, peach, chamomile and rose targeting dryness, redness, fine lines, dehydration and sun damage. Use it to turn the clock back for clients seeking a renewed glow.

Vitamin Repair
For long-term healing, look no further than our Vitamin Repair moisturiser. Enriched with vitamin A, pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and beta-carotene of sea buckthorn, carrot and pumpkin, this intense active formula encourages healthy cell function and repair. Clients with scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines or a lack of firmness will find themselves rejuvenated through daily application.

Waterlily's Eye Infusion on a slab of stone. Alongside it, gold jewellery and a pair of glasses

Waterlily Eye Infusion


What is an eye cream?

Eye creams, crèmes or serums work to protect and hydrate the most delicate skin on our faces – the paper-thin area under our eyes.

Eye Infusion
Our Eye Infusion is packed full of vitamin B5, ginseng, comfrey, white tea, marine collagen and pure aloe, making for a nourishing blend like no other. Clients who are concerned about puffy, tired eyes with prominent dark circles will find their under-eye area visibility soothed and enlivened.

Eye Crème
Treating signs of ageing, our Eye Crème is a smooth blend of silk peptides, red raspberry, white tea, argan oil and rosehip. The rejuvenating presence of vitamins A, E and B5 infuse the skin with hydration. This hydration is key to slowing down the ageing process, while also helping clients minimise any hollowness, dryness and fine lines under their eyes.

Learn more!

The Waterlily Collection can be explored in more detail online. But, if you have any questions about the Waterlily Collection and what products are best suited to your unique skin care needs, please reach out to our Skin Concierge on +61 7 3390 3988.

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