Unlock the Secret to Ageless Eye Care

Using clinical research, the latest next generation actives and synergistic cosmeceuticals, SPACEUTICALS delivers cutting edge cosmeceutical actives in nourishing botanical plant nutrients to reverse the signs of ageing for vibrant eyes at every age.

Eyes are beautiful.  They are windows into our soul; the gateway to how we communicate.

They laugh, smile, coax, love and seduce.  They are also predisposed to the signs of premature ageing caused by stress, lifestyle and fatigue expressed as dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles, lack of tone, dryness and dehydration.

Often in need of desperate TLC the delicate eye area is not as rich in sebaceous glands and lacks the emollient protective oils which can sometimes result in a faster rate of ageing.  Unfortunately, the skin around the eyes is thinner, more delicate and prone to showing the signs of stress.

‘Formulations reflect the latest cosmeceutical technology dispensed in nutrient rich naturopathic concentrates”

SPACEUTICALS delivers a simple two step everyday eye ritual.  An easy to apply but intensively effective treatment to remedy signs of premature damage while age-proofing the skin.  Formulations which reflect the latest cosmeceutical technology dispensed in nutrient rich naturopathic concentrates to instantly hydrate and smooth.

Each product is artisan-crafted fresh each month in Waterlily’s botanical laboratory in Brisbane, embracing the principles of fresh batched beauty.  Slow skincare permeates every product to ensure that ingredients are nurtured from paddock to finished product.  This is not just about being clean and green but also maintains the nutrient rich intensity and cosmeceutical activity of each vital ingredient.  Clean, green, transdermal and intensive to deliver visible results.  Let’s meet the Eye Duo power couple!


Step 1:  Activated-B Eye Serum

The Activated-B Eye Serum is a super hydrating and smoothing liquid gel infusion laden with multi-tasking actives!  A multi-B vitamin hydration complex of niacinamide (Vitamin B3), D-panthenol (Vitamin B5) and folic acid (Vitamin B9) with N-acetyl glucosamine and line erasing hyaluronic acid to target dark circles, fine lines, pigmentation and dehydration.  Boosted with botanicals of green tea, coffee bean and ginseng to reduce puffiness and dark circles while replenishing and rejuvenating tired eyes.

Here’s how it works…

Niacinamide (B3) is an all-round skin perfecting vitamin.  It protects barrier function to neutralise inflammation (the precursor to ALL ageing indications), boosts hydration, targets pigmentation, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and treats acne, breakouts and blemishes.  Sounds pretty awesome right?  But wait!  When we formulate niacinamide with N-acetyl glucosamine (a natural skin identical amino sugar) together they synergise to have a powerful effect on the production of melanin, dramatically targeting pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin colour.  The result is a brighter, lighter and more luminous complexion.  N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG) also exfoliates, hydrates and activates new cell growth boosting collagen to lift and firm. Sounds pretty wonderful right!

“Together they synergise to have a powerful effect on the production of melanin, dramatically targeting pigmentation”

The formulation is intensified with brightening and skin strengthening plant extracts of licorice and lime caviar which also inhibit pigmentation, and boosted with green tea and coffee bean to prevent puffiness and dark circles.  The whole formulation is delivered in an aloe vera concentrate with liquid sea minerals and hydrating marine collagen to soothe, moisture lock and drench the skin with nutrients and essential minerals like magnesium, selenium and zinc.  This power house formulation delivers over 20 active ingredients!


Step 2:  Ferulic + C Eye Repair

The ultimate intensive repair balm with revolutionary collagen inducting actives to firm and lift.

Potent antioxidant vitamins A+C+E fused with Ferulic acid and Alpha-hydroxy acids visibly resurface, redefine and protect the delicate eye area from oxidative stress.  Boosted with skin brightening botanicals and smart peptides Heptapeptide-7 to offer a complete eye lifting repair treatment to smooth fine lines while strengthening and remodelling the collagen matrix to firm and strengthen skin tone.

Here’s why you will love it!

Heptapeptide-7 is a clinically tested smart (vegan friendly) peptide which activates epidermal growth factors deep in the skin to build collagen and remodel skin.  Its super small structure allows it to penetrate deeply to activate connective tissue which has been clinically proven to reverse wrinkles.  It also boosts the production of hyaluronic acid to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Revolutionary active Ferulic Acid is a powerful antioxidant compound found naturally in plants.  On its own it protects from free radical damage and the oxidative stress which can accelerate skin cell ageing.  When we combine Ferulic Acid with Vitamins C + E, together they promote the benefits of both.  Vitamins C + E are essential co-factors in the production of collagen to firm and build skin. Vitamin C is also great at targeting pigmentation to boost skin luminosity while exfoliating and resurfacing texture.

“Combining Ferulic Acid, a revolutionary antioxidant, with Vitamins C + E promotes the benefits of both”

Alpha-hydroxy acids are a water soluble chemical exfoliant which apart from breaking down dead skin cells help to hydrate skin while activating collagen production.  The rich balm is founded in an emulsion of omega rich serums from red raspberry, mango seed and pomegranate seed oils and boosted with licorice root, pure rose oil and a blend of six other essential oil aromaceuticals to enhance cell renewal while targeting lines, wrinkles, tone and texture.

Inside Out Beauty

At Waterlily we understand that beauty is a function of health and always embrace an inside-out approach to well-being. Topical treatments and rituals like our Eye Perfecting Duo protect skin.  Here are our self-care tips that will holistically promote beautiful eyes and skin.

“At Waterlily we understand that beauty is a function of health and always embrace an inside-out approach to well-being”

Remove eye make-up before bed, well all makeup really…

Harsh rubbing can damage the eye with most make up removers.  Instead use a rich oil based cleanser to dissolve stubborn eye makeup and mascara.  Try SPACEUTICALS Bio Cleansing Oil for the ultimate eye and lash conditioner that effortlessly emulsifies oil based eye products.

Nourish your body from the inside out.

Our skin is the barometer for our health.  The platitude sticks, we are what we eat!  Plants, healthy proteins, good omega-3 rich fats (yes, fat is good!) are the basis for great nutritional health. Our skin is the canvas that shows how we treat our insides.


Drinking 2 – 3 litres of pure room temperature water throughout the day. Limit or at least moderate fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee and alcohol.

Sleep Time.

Use a clean silk pillow case to help with wrinkle prevention and retaining moisture within your skin and don’t forget to change regularly.

Don’t smoke.

Interesting to think this still needs to be said with the information available to us.  In my opinion cigarettes should be a Schedule 1 drug.

Sugar is the enemy!

Not just for weight and health but for skin too.  Sugar leads to glycation which breaks down collagen, our connective tissue leading to lines, wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.  Image eating sugar as being akin to putting your face in a microwave.  Less than ideal, agreed?

Be happy | Be present | Be kind

A smile is the best way light up a room, transform others and radiate beauty.

Being powerfully present allows you to see clearly, sets positive intentions and helps to realise your goals.  Creating a community of care and connection is a mindful way to lower stress hormones and nurture yourself alongside others.

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