Summer Skin Heroes

Great summer skin demands hard working actives dispensed in clinical concentrations to target pigmentation, dehydration and congestion.  Photo damage from UVA + UVB along with oxidative stress from environmental pollutants speed up the ageing process.  So embrace summer with a blend of potent antioxidants and vitamins essential for cellular protection and repair.  The ultimate age-proofing skin solution!

With any age proofing skin strategy results start with professional strength home care to intensify and fast track results from in spa and salon treatments.  Summer conditions can be intense with increased sun exposure, humidity and heat.  Want clear hydrated luminous skin for the holidays?  Formulations that feature therapeutic concentrations of cosmeceutical clean actives in an infusion of green botanicals are the home care heroes that are on point this summer to transform skin routines into rituals of self-care.  Let’s get glowing!

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

This hasn’t earned the reputation as the ultimate skin perfecting cosmeceutical for nothing.  Combat inflammation, dehydration, fine lines and pigmentation all in one.  Think B3, think barrier repair!  Rebuilding the skins pH to optimise resilience against signs of ageing.  Great for combination and acneic skin types through to premature ageing.  For summer skin this is the ultimate illuminating vitamin to even, lighten and brighten skin tone to minimise pigmentation and age spots.


“Phyto-B3 Serum is a superfood skin perfector with a clinical dose of 5% niacinamide drenched in green smoothie blend of kale, broccoli, milk thistle and fermented papaya.”

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L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Treat photo ageing, skin firmness and clarity with this powerful antioxidant vitamin.  L-ascorbic acid is essential for collagen production to lift and tone skin.  We love its ability to lighten and brighten pigmentation and age spots while gently exfoliating to refine texture and smooth fine lines.  The ultimate anti-pollution urban shield to protect against oxidative stress and free radical damage.

“Pure C + Peptides is 100% pure Vitamin C delivered in easy to dispense crystals to blend with Phyto-B3 Serum for the ultimate skin perfecting duo.”

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Ferulic Acid

A revolutionary antioxidant to not only fight the signs of photo-ageing but synergistically enhance the benefits of Vitamins C + E.  Skin becomes more resilient against oxidation, environmental pollutants and sun exposure.  This green cosmeceutical gives potent skin repair to protect against DNA damage while stimulating and restoring collagen, enhancing hydration and lightening and brightening skin tone.

“The seasonal Lime Caviar + C Performance Spa Facial blends three active forms of Vitamin C plus E with clinical doses of pure Ferulic Acid to fight sun damage, pigmentation, loss of collagen and dehydration”



Salicylic Acid (Beta-Hydroxy Acid)

Summer skin is prone to excess oil, congestion and break outs.  Salicylic acid is the ultimate deglazer for skin instantly dissolving excess oil while deeply exfoliating to smooth skin, refine pores and even texture. An excellent skin smoothing exfoliant great for treating acne, scarring, pitting, lines and wrinkles and redness.


“Thalasso Smooth improves skin tone and texture with a two in one purifying marine mineral masque blended with an active dose of 2% salicylic acid with sea algae and marine collagen to exfoliate, decongest,  refine texture and boost hydration.  Salon quality results with a multi-tasking home care skin hero!”

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a moisture locking active naturally derived from bio-fermentation that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water to deeply hydrate skin.  This moisture locking cosmeceutical hero also delivers nutrient rich ingredient to the skin through osmotic pressure keeping skin soft and supple restoring smoothness and elasticity.  Hail hyaluronic acid!


“Hydra-C Mist is a 100% active skin quenching solution of hyaluronic acid, pro- vitamin B5 and a sea mineral plasma in an infusion of aromatic crushed citrus with exotic botanicals of Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum”

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SPACEUTICALS  is a green line of clean cosmeceuticals combining advanced actives dispensed in clinical concentrations with naturopathic infusions of botanical ingredients.  SPACEUTICALS can be found in leading salons, day spas and wellness retreats nationally as well as online at







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Great summer skin demands hard working actives dispensed in clinical concentrations to target pigmentation, dehydration and congestion.  Photo damage ...

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