Spa Stars! Meet Elle from Spa Wumurdaylin, Hamilton Island

Welcome to the second instalment of an exciting new series of blog posts, where we will be introducing you to the passionate therapists and dedicated spa partners of the Waterlily brand.  In each blog, you will meet a new therapist, and in their own words they’ll let you in on why they choose Waterlily and what you can experience when visiting their spa for a treatment.

For this second instalment please give a warm welcome to Elle, the assistant manager and leading therapist at the beautiful Spa Wumurdaylin on Hamilton Island.

Thank you for joining us Elle, firstly we’d love to know what it is that you love most about being a Waterlily Spa Therapist?

Ultimately, helping people. I came into the industry as a massage therapist and with further training, decided I loved the spa side of things. There’s nothing better than meeting someone who is a little stressed, finding out what they are wanting to achieve, making them totally relaxed and then changing their lives by sharing my knowledge.

Favourite Waterlily facial treatment to perform?

I love the Seasonal Spa Facials, but my favourite would have to be the Fruit Enzyme facial. As someone who tends to get a little sunburnt from time to time, I love to help people who struggle with pigmentation and watching their complexion brighten after spending years in the QLD sunshine. Obviously, too much sun exposure and sunburn and is not ideal, but at least there is a rescue remedy for us!

Favourite  product?

It’s so hard to choose favourites because I use almost everything… but at the moment, I’m obsessed with Bio-Cleaning oil! This has been my life saver on many occasions and it’s so beautifully silky! Using the Spaceuticals range has been such a treat for my skin… however, Lime Cleanser and Spiced Chai body balm will always be my all-time favourites!

Favourite wellness ritual?

I love to be outdoors. I have been a bush child my whole life and my beautiful island surroundings make exploring outside that much easier! I try to spend each morning or afternoon going on a walk, and sunrises/sunsets are my biggest motivation. Another wellness ritual that I really enjoy is yoga. Being able to connect with your own spiritual and physical body is so important.

Who would be your dream celebrity client?

I’m not one to keep up with the Kardashian’s, but Khloe Kardashian is pretty inspiring. I always find myself scrolling through her Instagram or watching her Snapchat stories. She’d be a massage and beauty dream client as she looks after her skin, but also her body and massaging muscles can be so fascinating.

Where is your dream holiday destination?

I loveeee to travel! I would like to say that I’m one of those people who, if I had a dream destination, I’d just pack up and go explore it… I can’t say I love a specific type of weather either, because beaches and sunshine are amazing, but so are warm fires and endless snow! Africa is somewhere that has always intrigued me, animals and culture and an experience that is so totally different to Australia. I’m combing them all and visiting Morocco in the very near future! I love to always visit new places, and fall in love with how amazing the world is but coming back to Australia is always such a wonderful feeling.

What spa package would you highly recommend for someone visiting Hamilton Island?

Definitely our Vichy Revival package! If you haven’t had a Vichy treatment then please try one! Our package is a combination of Crushed Lime sugar exfoliant, and underwater massage which gives you an unbelievably refreshing and uplifting experience. Such an amazing treatment and perfectly matches our island theme!

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