Anti-ageing TravelBio Cleansing Oil 15mlLactic Cleanser 15mlQ10-Omega Serum 15mlPlasma Repair 15ml

Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials


The Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials is the ideal introductory starter kit, travel pack or gift set to correct, repair and regenerate for the ultimate age proofing skin solution.

Green science combined with advanced actives has culminated in a collection of clean cosmeceuticals focusing on redefining enzymes and acids, rejuvenating botanicals and intense vitamin and antioxidant concentrations.  This cutting-edge collection is a complete skincare system to combat loss of firmness, tone, fine lines and wrinkles while delivering a naturopathic skin solution for a youthful, rejuvenated complexion.

Your Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials include:

  • Bio Cleansing Oil 30ml
  • Lactic Cleanser 30ml
  • Q10-Omega Serum 15ml
  • Plasma Repair 15ml
  • Gift and Travel Sets


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