Our Brand

Waterlily was founded by Michelle Reeve in 2004, with the goal to create a collection of active and ethical Spa Rituals.

Created in our Botanical Laboratory in Brisbane, Australia, we harness the power of next-gen innovative beauty infused in our naturopathic philosophy of nutraceutical actives synergised with clinically trialled cosmeceuticals to intensify and elevate results.

Our professionally exclusive treatments capture the essence of Spa Wellness with luxurious rituals layered with opulent textures, aromatic touch points, and pure aromatherapy to create a sustainable, transparent, and authentic menu.

Our nutrient-rich heritage continues to see our products and rituals lovingly brought to life by handcrafting. These artisanal techniques continue to highlight our botanical commitment to ‘slow skincare’ through fresh batched beauty.

Today, the brand includes the Waterlily, Spaceuticals, Lime Caviar and Aroma Therapy Collections available for delivery worldwide and stocked in leading day spas in Australia and New Zealand.

We harness the power of next-gen innovative beauty infused in our naturopathic philosophy to intensify and elevate results.

How Waterlily is imagined

Health is at the heart of each exquisite formulation; a carefully considered blend of nutrient-rich botanicals intensified in an infusion of multi-functional actives to deliver real results.

This is how Michelle Reeve, Waterlily founder and formulator, envisions each new product and skin ritual.  100% botanically active formulations reflecting a naturopathic approach to skincare for the ultimate age-proofing skin solution.  Nourishing multi-tasking formulas that are transdermal, concentrated and active.

Clean and green cosmeceuticals, anti-ageing vitamins, revolutionary antioxidants and exquisite sensory plant extracts create a melting pot of organic botanical luxury. Concentrated formulations focus on delivering visible benefits with an emphasis on purity, efficacy and authenticity while delivering opulent textures and a holistic ritual of self- care. 

How Waterlily is created

Every product is hand crafted in Brisbane, Australia in our Botanical Laboratory. Formulations are created in house by our founder and formulator Michelle Reeve, and her paddock to plate ethos underlies the artisanal approach to manufacturing.

Every Waterlily and Spaceuticals product is created in small batches fresh each and every month by the beautiful team at Waterlily Headquarters.

A time consuming double blending method ensures that the more volatile antioxidants, vitamins, omega oils and essential oils are protected from heat; one of the reasons that the Waterlily rituals are so aromatically tantalising.From there, products are labelled, packaged and boxed on site.

Care and attention are embedded into every touchpoint of the brand, from our Botanical Laboratory where our products are made, to our Concierge Service where you can talk with us about your skin.

From there, your products are wrapped, ribboned and sent with botanical blessings from us to you.

Next-Gen Cosmeceuticals

Leaders in biotech beauty

An award-winning skincare brand.

Naturopathic Infusions

with clean cosmeceuticals.

Thoughtfully Artisan Crafted

and proudly Australian made & owned.

Michelle Reeve’s vision is deeply rooted in the essence of holistic beauty. Her approach mirrors the whole-food movement, embracing the ethos of slow skincare and embracing the ritualistic nature of fresh-batched beauty. 

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