Our prices: A note from Michelle, Waterlily’s Founder & Formulator

A note from Michelle, Waterlily’s Founder & Formulator

Firstly, thank you for your support, love and commitment to our brand. As a grass roots home-grown company it’s been quite the journey and wonderful to still be part of your home care rituals nearly 20 years on.

We are beyond grateful to be part of your skincare rituals and your professional treatments in your beloved spa and salons which is why I wanted to publish this update about our pricing. When you log on to our website from the 1st of July, you’ll notice our prices have changed.

Our values

As you know, our Waterlily formulations are meticulous creations. We take the utmost pride in how we operate as a business and, as such, have a commitment to creating the most botanically active, beautiful products for your skin. Our values include:
● Fresh batched beauty: Products are handcrafted fresh each month, no sitting around for months, or years on shelves before being sent to you
● Slow skincare: Everything is handcrafted in our Botanical Laboratory right here in Brisbane
● Clean, green cosmeceuticals: That means the very best ingredients, without any compromises
● Naturopathic actives: Formulating with the ingredients your skin need to be healthy, nourished and glowing
● Looking after our Waterlily family: This means we pay our beautiful team for their skills and expertise and can grow our team as we grow (and look after them properly)
● Always being at the forefront of science: Creating innovative skincare

Why prices are changing

Ingredients, packaging, freight and farming since Covid have experienced dramatic changes.

We really cherish the relationships we have with our ingredient partners and love the transparency of the paddock to plate philosophy that we both share and embrace. We have, thankfully, been able to absorb these price increases over the last 5 years. The time has come for us to increase our retail collection pricing. From July 1st, you will notice on website that prices will be increasing.

Changes in pricing for raw ingredients and freight, among many other things, means this change in price point for our products (our first price increase in five years) is to allow us to continue to create skincare products laden with nutritious botanicals, exotic actives and the purest of aromatic essential oils. We are resolute in our values, and know your skin deserves the absolute best. This price increase allows us to keep delivering this for you and for myself and my team to ensure these values stay embedded into the brand.

What’s next?

You’ll see the website go into maintenance mode for the this update to be applied to the website, and then, this new pricing will be available from the 1st of July.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for your time and continued support and for taking this time to read about this price change. We look forward to connecting with you soon and please know, you can reach out to us anytime with questions, we’re always here.

Michelle x
Waterlily Founder & Formulator

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