Next-Gen Beauty from Waterlily’s Headquarters in Australia

At the heart of Waterlily’s innovation lies our Botanical Laboratory in Brisbane. Here, we fuse next-gen beauty with naturopathic wisdom, uniting nutraceutical actives and clinically trialled cosmeceuticals. It’s the birthplace of transformative beauty.

Within these walls, we craft professionally exclusive treatments that embody the essence of Spa Wellness. Each experience is a symphony of opulence, from luxurious rituals to sensory textures, aromas, and pure aromatherapy. We’ve curated a menu that’s sustainable, transparent, and authentically indulgent.

Our heritage, enriched with nutrients, comes to life through meticulous handcrafting. These artisanal techniques underscore our devotion to ‘slow skincare’, ensuring each batch is a testament to our botanical commitment.

Step into our Botanical Laboratory, where innovation meets nature, and beauty is elevated to new heights.


Biotech Beauty

At Waterlily, we seamlessly blend cutting-edge biotechnology with naturopathic infusions, resulting in a skincare range that’s truly exceptional. Our transformative and unique products blends science, nature, and next-gen cosmeceuticals, elevating us as pioneers in the skincare industry.

Slow Skincare

What truly sets us apart is our ‘slow skincare’ approach. Every product and ritual are lovingly brought to life through handcrafting, underscoring our botanical commitment. This artisanal technique ensures freshness in every batch, maintaining transparency and authenticity in our products.

Holistic Beauty

Our wellness commitment extends beyond skin-deep, where inner harmony reflects outward radiance. Our naturopathic philosophy reflects on our products, combining nutraceutical actives with clinically trialed cosmeceuticals. This harmonious blend elevates results, promoting beauty and overall well-being.