Waterlily Botanical Laboratory

Our skincare collections are made at Waterlily headquarters in our Botanical Laboratory located in Brisbane, Australia.

From the very first active ingredient, Waterlily reflects green science, creativity, transparency, purity and superiority in formulation. Capturing the therapeutic properties of clinic grade essential oils, potent vitamins and rejuvenating antioxidants in a high performance botanical collection, each SPACEUTICALS and Waterlily product proactively protects and nourishes the skin while delivering remedial healing benefits to combat the signs of premature skin damage.

Our formulations are thoughtfully imagined considering texture, aroma and the sensory ritual of self-care to create a results-driven skin ceremony layered in decadence.


Lactic cleanser, cell therapy and Phyto-B Serum

Slow skincare

Waterlily formulations are created in-house, taking an artisanal hand-crafting approach to manufacturing, where products are created fresh each month. 

Clean and green beauty

Our naturopathic formulations are packed with delicious vitamins, antioxidants, and essential minerals to age-proof and maximise your skin’s vitality.

Cutting-edge cosmeceuticals

Our targeted, intensive and active ingredients work to reverse wrinkles, target pigmentation, boost hydration, and activate collagen to refine and tone, all while limiting skin sensitivity.  

Pure aromatherapy

Essential oils are the cornerstone of each Waterlily formulation. Did you know it takes 5000 kilograms of hand-picked rose petals to make 1 kilo of rose essential oil? The complexity of nutrients and actives delivered in a single drop are profound.

That isn’t the only benefit; essential oils are bio-chemically compatible, they have the same chemical building blocks as us: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. This means our skin cells have the ability to recognise, absorb and metabolise the compounds, so we can use them effectively. Essential oils are natural, so we can eliminate the by-product safely. Being transdermal, essential oils have the ability to sprint into the layers of the skin where healthy new skin cells are formed, activating rejuvenation and regeneration. Essential oils are also aromatic; so when we inhale them, we are activating parts of our nervous system that regulate our body chemistry to instil calm, minimise stress and improve wellbeing.

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