My Ode to Inspirational Women

As we celebrate our 15th birthday, people often ask me the inspiration behind the creation of Waterlily.

Like any idea that stands the test of time there is often a perfect storm of reasons. On reflection I believe my main motivation was the opportunity to consciously create a company culture that I was proud of.  One that was inclusive, nurturing and honouring.  One that empowered my team with visibility, respect, safety, appreciation and fulfilment.  One that I personally looked forward to working in and thriving.

Before Waterlily I was a terrible employee.  Not so much work ethic (although in the past 15 years I have never worked harder!), I was the Joan of Arc crusading staffer giving voice to injustice within the workplace.  My Director was constantly frustrated, and Human Resources would just sigh when they saw me in the doorway.  It was obvious I needed to be in charge of my own corporate identity and destiny.

Having the agency to create my own culture has been a humble journey.  I’ve watched the Waterlily team grow into the formidable and incredible crew of women I am blessed to be surrounded by today.

These beautiful women share in the Waterlily values.  They honour holding space for others and personally own the ethos around how we create and deliver products.  Their personal values are infused into what they bring to the team, the company and to our spa partners.

I’d love to take this opportunity to introduce some of the key department heads at Waterlily that continue to invest the passion and dedication to makes our workplace a constant place of joy, comfort and creativity.


NERIDA CARSON  |  Head of Production

Nerida Carson: The alchemist bringing our Waterlily Spa Rituals to life.

Do you wonder how the sensory and opulent textured products you receive are imagined and created?  I work closely with Nerida in manufacturing and production within our Botanical Laboratory at Waterlily Head Quarters.  She is a beautiful woman whose infectious personality and continual optimism fills any room she is in.  Nerida heads up a team of women who lovingly handcraft each product and ritual fresh each month.  She uses a traditional age old aromatherapy crafting technique which thoughtfully nurtures each raw ingredient to finished product.  When I come to work I can literally smell the products as they are tenderly born into reality.


NATASHA PARTRIDGE | Business Development

Natasha Partridge: Educating the benefits of clean and green botanical skincare

With over 120 spa partners Natasha’s passion around botanical skincare and clean and green cosmeceuticals continues to educate and inspire our teams of spa therapists nationally to deliver and prescribe the Waterlily spa rituals and products.  She has an international background in spa operations and has worked for luxury spas and cruise ships globally.  Her energy and focus for wellness fused with her role at Waterlily is a match made in heaven as we watch her emotional investment in the connections she makes with our stockists.  Her professionalism is unwavering.  I love travelling with her and watching the value and transformation she delivers in her trainings.  She is truly an inspiration.


STEPHANIE PRYER | Sales and Administration

Stephanie Pryer: Dedicated to hosting, nurturing and holding space for our Partners.

Stephanie is the conduit that liaises between all of our departments and myself to co-ordinate marketing, administration, orders and sales.  Stephanie keeps the organisation running like a well-oiled machine.  She answers my questions before I ask them and is continually anticipating my every need.  She is creative, finding solutions for our spa partners ensuring the smooth running of their businesses.  I am always humbled by her dedication to the brand despite such a busy family life.  She is always making me laugh and her optimism is a constant joy for the rest of the team.   Her warmth and genuine care makes her the eternal host as she nurtures our spa partners, team members and suppliers.

I could write a novel when it comes to the awe-inspiring women who have made Waterlily a reality; our beautiful Spa Partners, their dedicated teams of therapists,  our suppliers, the gorgeous brand ambassadors who are dedicated to promoting the Waterlily ethos, not to mention the cult like following of skincare advocates that appreciate the quality and the time it takes to create hand-crafted, botanical, clean and green slow skincare.

Today I say THANK YOU! But please know that not a day goes by where I am not blissfully aware, grateful and filled with love for the support and joy you all bestow upon me!

Cheers! To formidable women!


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