Happy IWD!

There’s a riddle. It goes like this….

A father is driving with his son. There is a terrible car accident. The father dies at the scene, but someone stops in time to save the son and takes him to the nearest hospital. The attending emergency doctor on duty rushes out to meet the boy as he’s wheeled into the operating theatre, but on seeing him recognizes the boy, and booms “I can’t operate on this boy! He’s my son!!”

Who is the doctor?

If it has taken you longer than a second to answer this riddle, the generations who have worked tirelessly to fight for the rights, education and equality of women have failed.

That’s right. The doctor is his mother.

Liberation is an interesting issue. My mother like many of yours, a woman in my lifetime, was legally not entitled, like all women in the 70’s, to own land or housing or get a bank loan without the signature of her father or husband. It wasn’t that long ago. Women in Australia still do not have the same earning capacity of men and basic rights like voting and property ownership are a fairly recent phenomenon.

I hear from young women how unfashionable or unattractive it is to be a feminist, as though having a voice for the rights to be equal means to denounce waxing or enjoy men. Personally, I can’t live without either.

What I do know, is equality is not quite there yet. If it was, women could stay home with their babies or go out and have a career, and no-one would comment on either choice. Better yet, men would share equally in the rearing of children. They would share, not help, but share in the work of keeping house, and have an equal role in holding the knowledge that makes a household hum. A widow with children would receive the same support from a community that widowers get overwhelmed with.

Our social fabric would make paternity leave every bit as important as maternity leave. Woman would be well represented on boards, in government and high paid professions.

Society would recognise that the contribution from women is not an appeasement but appreciate the diversity and fullness that the female intellect credits a diverse range of topics. The ratio of male leaders to catastrophic international incidents may not be that accidental…

What to do? Continue to be great. Be courageous. And don’t be silent. Get involved…

I have spent my life seeking and being motivated by woman of inspiration. Smart incredible silent tireless woman who have the heart and courage to forge lifestyles, families and businesses unimagined. These are the people who have fed my soul, shown me a life worth living and who my mind turns to in times of challenge to consider how they might proceed. I am now blessed to work with a team of dynamic incredible women who provide constant inspiration in my daily work, and our vibrant Spa Partners who create beautiful sanctuaries for healing and regeneration.

Saturday the 8th of March is International Women’s Day. The poorest women in Australia are still in the top 1% of the worlds population when it comes to standard of living. Women and children are now the highest casualties when it comes to modern day warfare. And when it comes to paid work, women are consistently discriminated against compared to their male colleagues.

Let’s not burn our bra’s (they really are quite expensive!) but let’s realise that the battle is not even close to being over. What to do? Continue to be great. Be courageous. And don’t be silent. Get involved…

Wishing you and the fabulous Women in your life a beautiful International Women’s Day.  What are doing to celebrate?

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