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Summer skin is luminous clear and refined.  The warmer months mean an increase in sebum. Skin is prone to the clashing conditions of both dehydration and excess oil which can lead to congestion and break outs.  Outdoor living is a chance to show off beautiful bare skin, so a healthy, clear glowing complexion is the perfect accessory for every event this holiday season.  Time for a seasonal skin review!

This summer WATERLILY’S limited edition release is the Lime Caviar + C Performance Spa Facial.  A professional skin treatment featuring clinical doses of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Ferulic Acid with Vitamin E drenched in exotic botanicals of Lime Caviar and Kakadu Plum to visibly brighten smooth and firm.  The performance treatment is finished with an intense dose of 500mg of pure L-Ascorbic Acid to deliver a complete age proofing skin solution.


“The Lime Caviar + C Performance Spa Facial infuses Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid with Vitamin E and drenched in Lime Caviar Concentrate”





Spring is the season for change.  While the colder months offered a harvest of root vegetables and warming spices, Spring is a time to include the new season’s leafy greens, fruits and salad and cooling herbs.  In Chinese medicine the element for spring is wind and the corresponding organ is the liver; ideal conditions to detoxify, release and spring clean both inside and out!

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“In Chinese medicine the element for spring is wind and the corresponding organ is the liver”





As the days warm and humidity increases complexions are prone to excess oil and congestion.  An increase in UVA and UVB demands we are mindful of sun exposure which can lead to photo damage and pigmentation.   Higher temperatures can dehydrate skin due to the water loss caused by perspiration while exposure to wind dries and irritates skin.

A seasonal approach to skincare is not unlike our seasonal approach to eating and nutrition. Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants and vitamin C not only protect us internally but also when applied topically combat environment stress and the damage done by UVA and UVB exposure.

“A seasonal approach to skincare is not unlike our seasonal approach to eating and nutrition”

This season’s luxurious skin treatment harnesses the benefits of Vitamin C in three clinically active forms; water soluble pure L-Ascorbic Acid, a fat soluble Vitamin C ester and naturally occurring vitamin C from Lime Caviar and Kakadu Plum, exotic native botanicals with naturally rich C concentrations of up to 40%.

Lime Caviar is a native botanical extract harvested from a delicate Australian rainforest tree.  The exotic tiny juice pearls of the lime caviar fruit are not only high in Vitamin C but a range of nutrients, ferulic acid and powerful antioxidants to combat UV damage, environmental stress and premature ageing.


“Kakadu Plum, an exotic native botanicals with naturally rich C concentrations of up to 40% brightens and lightens the complexion”




And what makes Vitamin C one of our superstar ingredients of the season?  I’m glad you asked!  Let’s take a look at the benefits of this multi-tasking icon;

  1. Firmness. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor in the production of collagen.
  2. Luminosity. Vitamin C targets pigmentation and age spots to lighten and brighten.
  3. Age Proof. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant to protect against free radical damage.
  4. Refining.  Vitamin C exfoliates to redefine texture while smoothing fine lines.
  5. Repairing. Vitamin C stimulates healing at a cellular level to repair and regenerate
  6. Hydration. Vitamin C boosts the natural moisturising factors to lock in hydration.

The facial combines Vitamin C with potent antioxidants of mixed tocopherol (Vitamin E complex) and pure ferulic acid, a cosmeceutical active naturally derived to effectively protect against photo ageing.  Efficiently absorbed through the skin ferulic acid neutralises free radicals to combat and reverse UVA damage.

“Ferulic acid enhances the efficacy of Vitamins C + E”

Ferulic acid is the ultimate team player.  One of its greatest benefit is how it synergistically enhances the efficacy of Vitamins C + E to intensify their anti-ageing benefits.  Collagen is also restored following UV exposure while stimulating new collagen production.  Ferulic acid also has a lightening effect to target pigmentation and brighten the complexion.

“Collagen is restored while stimulating new collagen”

This performance facial targets pigmentation, age spots, dehydration, fine lines while evening texture and activating tone.  The treatment not only concentrates on signs of ageing but enhances barrier repair to make skin more resilient and protects against sensitivity and environmental stress.  The result is a clarified, refined and even skin tone with enhanced firmness, hydration and luminosity.

This treatment is a complete skin solution combining clinical concentrations of cosmeceutical actives with naturopathic infusions of omega rich serums with herbal concentrates of skin lightening licorice and ellagic rich berries to intensify the skins brightness, firmness and hydration levels.

“Combining clinical concentrations of cosmeceuticals with naturopathic infusions”

The best accessory this party season is healthy glowing skin.  The Lime Caviar + C Spa Facial gives an instant luminous result which can be intensified with the SPACEUTICALS Power Pack.  A three step home care solution to redefine skin tone and texture with advanced cosmeceuticals drenched in a naturopathic blend of active botanicals.  Begin with a skin refining 10% lactic cleanser, follow with a skin perfecting serum with an active dose of 5% niacinamide (B3) in a green superfood blend and finish with a skin treatment crème delivering an encapsulated multivitamin infusion and potent antioxidants of alpha lipoic acid and coenzyme Q10.



“Intensify treatment results with a professional 3 step home care ritual.  Clinical cosmeceuticals with naturopathic infusions to deliver a corrective and age proofing skin solution”

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