5 Pro Beauty Tips for Winter Skin

Nurturing skin into great health is at the heart of our passion.  No time is there more demand for loving care than when it comes to winter skin. Naturopathic ingredients and omega rich fatty acids that promote barrier function and strengthen skin resilience is what Waterlily does best.  Here we reveal expert help to show you how we work with beauty professionals to protect skin from the climatic challenges of winter and promote an effortlessly dewy complexion all your round!  Let’s get glowing…

The winter cold can zap moisture and life and leaving skin prone to dryness and sensitivity.  Left unprotected our complexions can be left dull, dry and taut often exacerbating signs of ageing including uneven skin tone, lines, redness and rough uneven skin texture.  But fear not, the answer is an apothecary recipe of a little TLC blended with rich botanical actives to give skin the emollient repair and protection to radiate through the season.

#1 – Barrier Protection

Omega rich oils reinforce the delicate acid mantle (that’s your skins pH.  Best slightly acidic around 5.5).  These oils protect the skin from dryness, dehydration and sensitivity.  Quality cold pressed plant oils are rich sources of omega 3 – 9 and are naturally compatible with the skin to penetrate the epidermis delivering nutrient rich antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and essential fatty acids to build and repair healthy new cells.  Remember, without this protection skin is prone to dryness, damage and sensitivity; all precursors to premature ageing (eeek!).

Winter Fix… Omega Crème!

A buttery blend of cold pressed omega seed oils rich in active enzymes and essential fatty acids to repair and protect skin from sensitivity dryness and redness.  The ultimate comfort crème fortified with regenerating extracts of calendula, peach, chamomile and rose to combat fine lines, dehydration and sun damage leaving the skin replenished, radiant and dewy soft.

  1. Use it as a daily moisturiser to protect against dryness and sensitivity
  2. Use it to calm red inflamed wind damaged skin.
  3. Use it weekly as a rich anti-ageing butter masque

#2 – Forget Foaming

Cleanse with a rich cream or oil cleanser which not only is a more effective cleanser but also reconditions skin. Remember that foaming products are water based.  The skin is water-proof which means foaming products only offer a topical cleanse and strips skin of natural oils.  Prone to breakouts?  Cleansers based on precious plant oils not only penetrate the skin to cleanse more deeply but equalise oil and deliver a range of nutrients to soothe skin while helping to combat blemishes, scarring and pitting.  They are also the first line of defence when it comes to inflammation, the precursor to acne and other skin concerns.

Winter Fix… Bio-Cleansing Oil!

A luxurious light weight pre cleansing preparation specifically formulated to dissolve make-up, grime and dirt while strengthening the skins natural lipid barrier.   This non-comedogenic skin conditioner is rich in antioxidants, omega oils and antibacterial aromaceuticals of lime, mandarin and tangerine peel to moderate sebum while clarifying and nourishing the complexion.

  1. Use it nightly to instantly remove stubborn make up and mascara
  2. Use it daily as a deeply nourishing skin conditioner
  3. Use it am to combat congestion, blemishes and breakouts

#3 – Salon Strength Treatments (at home!)

Shorter colder days means we want results fast!  Treat skin with dual multi-taskers to achieve professional in salon results.  An exfoliating masque with a mechanical exfoliant, cosmeceutical actives in an anti-ageing formula will not only resurface skin allowing serums and treatment creams to penetrate more effectively but will smooth lines, boost hydration, improve texture and combat dryness.  You’re welcome!

Winter Fix… Resveratrol Fx!

An indulgently decadent treatment masque to redefine the complexion. Active resveratrol whipped into a chocolate fondant provides protection from the damage caused by UV and oxidative stress. Micronized cacao exfoliates and refines skin while the resveratrol-vitamin complex boosts collagen to firm and hydrate, relax fine lines and improve skin elasticity.

  1. Use it as an exfoliant with micronized cacoa to effectively exfoliate
  2. Use it as a face masque with resveratrol  to brighten and boost collagen
  3. Use it as an anti-ageing treatment with vitamins and antioxidants

#4 – Intensive Serums

A serum should be active from the first ingredient.  The formula should be an intense infusion of actives, vitamins and botanical nutrients to deeply nourish skin to protect against ageing while promoting tone, texture, moisture, luminosity and brilliance.  An omega oil rich serum during winter combats the intensity of temperature, wind, indoor heating and sensitivity while penetrating effortlessly to target signs of ageing.  Hard working skin heroes!

Winter Fix… Q10-Omega Serum!

A powerhouse antioxidant formula of coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid and vitamins A+E to stimulate cellular repair. Steeped in aromaceuticals and precious omega seed oils of desert lime, pomegranate and red raspberry to reverse wrinkles, combat UV damage and boost collagen to visibly rejuvenate skin.

  1. Reverse wrinkles with clinical concentration of antioxidant intense Q10
  2. Protect and repair with omega-6 rich berry seed oils
  3. Target signs of ageing with clinical concentrations of aromaceutical essential oils and antioxidant vitamins A and E.

#5 – Professional Attention

An in-salon professional strength treatment enables your therapist to create a bespoke skin ritual targeting seasonal concerns while addressing specific skin indications.  Professional strength treatments deliver intense repair and nutrition while resurfacing and retexturing the skin to deliver a luminous glowing and deeply hydrated complexion.

Winter Fix..  Saké Ceremony Spa Facial!

  1. Activate collagen and reverse wrinkles with clinical doses of our new smart retinoid, Granactive Retinoid!
  2. Promote skin firmness, texture and brilliance with 500mg of active L-ascorbic acid (pure Vitamin C)
  3. Antioxidant protection from sake extract, green tea, ginseng and cherry kernel to ward antioxidant stress, inflammation and and premature ageing.
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