About our founder – Michelle Reeve

Michelle Reeve is Waterlily’s founder and formulator.

A passionate aromatherapist, she has a background of study in remedial massage, nutrition and Chinese medicine. As well as having a passion and commitment to natural medicine, Michelle cherishes epicurean delights and beautiful experiences.

She wanted to create a line of skincare driven by these values. After years of extensive research and development, Michelle launched Waterlily in 2004.

Writing & Interviews

As well as being Waterlily’s founder and formulator, Michelle is a wellness industry thought leader, writer and guest contributor.

Read some of her writing and interviews, as featured in Spa and Clinic, below:

“Entwined through a corporate career was an ever-present interest in health through aromatic oils and infusions. So I guess it’s no great surprise that the field of Aromatherapy finally found me, ignited my passion and captured my heart. Fifteen years later I’m still blessed with work that I find so incredibly tantalising. Aroma is my constant comfort, companion and counterpoint.”

– Michelle Reeve

Oranges on a tree

Flaylay of Waterlily skincare products

Michelle’s values:

Care & connection | Empowerment | Kindness | Slow skincare | Curiosity & learning | Creativity | Proactive skin health

She loves to explore museums, look at art, unwind with spa treatments, listen to podcasts, read literature, write, speak Italian and cook delicious food for the people she loves.

Say hello at @michelle.reeve.

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