2024 (sk)intentions

New Year’s resolutions always strike me as a short term fix.  There’s just something about a new resolution that has always felt a little punitive.  Deciding to either banish something fun or confront something tough.  We see similar attitudes when it comes to our skin. 

In January Instagram lights up with calls to action around starting a new skin care routine; there always seems to be a novel breakthrough product to target a certain indication, remove something, fix something, or worse still, fix everything!  Ugh!

It ends up feeling a little deprecating, sort of like we are not enough!  And not for nothing the solutions always seem so short lived. 

How about this year, could I invite you to stop, and together we think about new beginnings just a little differently?

Focusing on a goal, by its very nature, is always a short term solution.  When we think about it, our skin is the body’s largest organ, and is something we have for life (not just the next quarter or the next year).  Creating a ritual of care is something we are going to do every day, forever, or for as long as we live (which my hope for you is a very long time!). So maybe, instead of announcing a resolution, a goal, or a challenge (sounds so much like hard work, doesn’t it?  I’m tired already!) what if we consider new ways of nurturing ourselves.

How about, instead of a resolution, we set an intention.

Here’s how I think about intentions.  If this is the body that is going to serve me for the next 50 years (god willing!) how do I want to feel in the next 10, 20, 30 or 40 years? What small daily choices can I make that allow me to feel and offer up my best; to live life blissfully to the fullest?  What priorities can I make for myself that allow all other decisions to fall effortlessly into place?

I love the idea of first principles thinking. I’m lazy at heart so refining choices down to one or two key questions removes the need to make endless and ongoing decisions. Essentially, here’s what I ask.  Will this choice nourish, support, elevate and serve me or will it not?  Simple, it’s yes or no.  In a busy world constantly distracting us with seemingly infinite choices, first principles thinking is a great way to create a personalised operating system that consistently activates our best intentions moment to moment.

“I love the idea of first principles thinking.  Will this choice nourish, support and serve me or will it not?”

This isn’t always easy. But it does infer a level of benevolence and kindness we get to bestow upon ourselves. It also creates a sense of ease around expectations, judgement and the barriers that make resolutions hard to sustain.

Can I share with you where my intention setting is focused for this year?

Over the years my north star is increasingly fixated on longevity with a strong emphasis on health span.  So my intention for this year starts with mindfulness;  being present and making decisions and choices that serve me. Slowing down to honour what my body and soul needs, desires and yearns for to be strong, happy and healthy.

For me these choices, rituals and daily practices need to be beautiful, indulgent and nourishing. That doesn’t mean expensive, time consuming or complicated but to cherish those tiny moments and choices around food, movement and self care where I can find joy, nurture myself and capture beauty.  These are the flashes in time that compound to shape our lives (time we can never get back) and reveal the quality of our total lived experiences.

“My intention starts with mindfulness”

My mornings set the foundation for the day.  And an intention around self-care is something I protect.  Taking the time to nourish my skin using ingredients that are sensory, nutrient rich and opulent.  Here is my mindful morning ritual that nurtures me and creates a beautiful start to the day.

I love to double cleanse.  Before I step into the shower I apply the Bio Cleansing Oil to my face, neck and décolletage while my skin is still dry to fully absorb the ingredients.  The aroma of fresh mandarins and zesty lime feels like a crushed citrus smoothie for my skin. It instantly feels hydrated, conditioned and replenished.  After treating my skin to a mini face massage I remove it in the shower with a warm cotton washer.

After drying my face I apply the Lactic Cleanser (again to dry skin to absorb the botanical benefits).  This is like receiving a mini power peel from my favourite Spa Facialist (you know who you are!).  I let this infuse allowing the 10% professional strength dose of L-lactic acid to refine and resurface while brightening and revitalising leaving skin super soft and ultra smooth.  The perfect canvas for seamless make up application.

“The aroma of fresh mandarins and zesty limes feels like a crushed citrus smoothie for my skin!”

Once out of the shower, I love to replenish with the Q10-Omega Serum (my desert island product!).  These drops of liquid gold are the essence of what Waterlily is renowned for;  precious omega seed oils rich in essential fatty acids layered with energising coenzyme Q10, antioxidants, vitamins and anti-ageing essentials oils.  The smell of vanilla bean, rose and neroli flower is like stepping into a garden of perfumed petals; an aromatic sensory journey and a beautiful way to start the morning.

As I get older, I’m noticing my skin needs a little more care and kindness.  Over my serum I apply a light layer of Plasma Repair.  This is an age-proofing moisturising treatment I can use day and night.  Enriched with a nourishing blend of honey, apple and beta glucan with a blend of vitamins, proteins and more antioxidants to protect, replenish and repair.  It feels like a hug for the skin.

“The smell of vanilla bean, rose and neroli flower is like stepping into a garden of perfumed petals; an aromatic sensory journey and a beautiful way to start the morning.”

I treat my bathroom like a home spa sanctuary.  Before I leave I always make sure I’ve completed my morning ritual with a full body hydration treatment.  Body Serums are a beautiful, aromatic and easy way to do this, especially while skin is warm and damp from the shower.  My favourite body serum is LOVE!  A hypnotic blend of Moroccan rose, rose geranium, Peru Balsam and vanilla bean finished with French Lavender and lashings of pure Vitamin E.

What are your intentions for 2024? 

What are the rituals that fill your soul and nourish your heart.  How will you carve time in your busy days to create the moments that will determine the quality of your life.

Beauties, my 2024 wish for you is that your resolutions (ahem intentions!) are as nurturing, fulfilling and replenishing to create a path of wonderful life affirming moments to build the beautiful life you so richly deserve.  Happy New Year! x


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